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The Value of the CMA

CMAs earn 31% more in the U.S. than noncertified professionals.* In fact, a 22-year-old CMA could enjoy more than $500,000 in additional lifetime earnings. More importantly, the certification is a pathway to a more successful business career: one that opens doors, builds confidence, closes skills gaps, and lets you tap into a network of 80,000 professionals around the globe. As our CMAs will tell you, it's an investment that pays a lifetime of dividends and lets you rise above the competition. *IMA US Salary Survey, March 2016

The CMA Opens New Doors

Here are some of the many titles that CMAs hold:

CMA Success Stories

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*Gregory L. Krippel and Sheila Mitchell, CPA. "The CMA Advantage: How Much More Could You Earn?" See page 46.