Important Notice to All CMA and CSCA Candidates

Updated June 5, 2024

Exam changes (September/October 2024)

Please note that beginning September 2024, the CMA exam will change based on a recent Job Analysis study. Minor updates and additions will be made in the areas of data management, internal controls testing/remediation, data ethics, and business fraud. For more information regarding the exam changes, please visit our FAQ page.

There is only one window left (May/June 2024) to take the current exam. Don’t delay! Register today to secure your desired exam date.

To help you better understand the CMA program and pass the exams, please review our updated Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) and Content Specification Outlines (CSO).

New Policies for the CSCA Exam (Effective May 1, 2024)

Please note that effective May 1, 2024, individuals who hold one of the 60 acceptable certifications yet are not already IMA members are no longer required to become members in order to sit for the CSCA exam. For these individuals, there is a $49 annual CSCA renewal fee. If you are a CMA in good standing (and, therefore, an IMA member), no annual CSCA renewal fee is required.

CSCA Cost:

CSCA exam fees ONLY: $600

CSCA exam fees PLUS IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series®: $1,295

IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series® ONLY: $695