• Jump right in, the water’s fine!! Don’t put off starting out of fear of failing. You know more than you know.

    (Bob K., New York)
  • Every journey begins with a first step so take the first step and think of the ROI of the investment.

    (Jerry H., California)
  • One of the best professional decisions I ever made. I earned my CMA while working full-time and got my employer to pay for exams and study materials.

    (Jon F.)
  • Have several channels to complete the requirements. One channel only can get boring.

    (Jim C., Nevada)
  • Utilize practice tests on study software and make sure you are consistently scoring at least 85% before taking the exam.

    (Mike, South Carolina)
  • I took two weeks off right before the exam and basically immersed myself in studying. I explained this to my family so they didn’t expect much from me those two weeks. But I rewarded them after the exam.

    (Diane K., Alabama)
  • Know what kind of studier you are and prepare for the exam that way. I work best with a study-buddy and a personal tutor to help me through tough sections of content. Get into a study group on LinkedIn.

    (Karen, Texas)
  • For any question that takes longer than a few seconds to understand, skip and go back. Sometimes another question may jog your memory. Number your scratch paper—it makes it easier to pick up on a problem you previously skipped or are reviewing.

    (Zack, Michigan)
  • Answer all the questions you know or feel good about in the first pass. Do harder questions at the end.

    (Tony, South Carolina)
  • Get a good night’s sleep beforehand.

    (Lisa, Ohio)