Educators around the world are having to adjust to a new normal in the wake of the coronavirus. They must discover ways to teach, test, and keep students engaged in a virtual setting. It’s unchartered territory for many and it’s daunting.

IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) has many free resources to help educators with their coursework and research efforts.

Resources for Class Projects and Assignments

Strategic Finance magazine – IMA’s award-winning publication keeps students and educators current with the latest developments in management accounting. Encourage your students to read and discuss articles via an online chat or a homework assignment.

Inside Talk webinars – IMA sponsors free monthly webinars as part of its Inside Talk series and archived versions are available on the webinars section of the IMA website. Topics include strategy, planning and performance, technology and analytics, leadership, and more.

IMA Educational Case Journal® (IECJ) – IMA educator members have access to more than 100 case studies and associated detailed solutions and teaching notes. The cases take learning beyond mere “number-crunching” exercises to require interpretation of data in a decision-making context. These cases are ideal learning tools for graduate and undergraduate students.

IMA Ethics Series – Login to myIMA and select “myTokens” to view eligible ethics products. IMA’s ethics courses provide excellent case studies that can be used for student assignments.

Count Me In podcasts – IMA’s podcast series, Count Me In, offers the latest perspectives on all things affecting the accounting and finance world, as told by the industry experts in the field. Topics include technology and data analytics, leadership and career development, and more. Several recent episodes of Count Me In have focused on working remotely, including Jordan Hirsch: Tips for Working Remotely from an Experienced Remote Worker (3/20); Heather Fletcher: Quick Tips for those New to Remote Work (3/25); and Wendy Tietz: Leading Online Learning (3/28).

IMA Faculty Friday Webinars: This series focuses on best practices for teaching and issues important to faculty. The most recent Faculty Friday focused on helpful tips for online education, with three professors sharing their ideas for teaching online effectively. Listen to the webinar here.

Technical and Research Resources

Statements on Management Accounting (SMAs) and whitepapers
– SMAs and whitepapers present the views of IMA regarding management accounting and financial management issues. IMA has published SMAs and whitepapers on a variety of topics including risk management, Big Data, and more. Click here for more information.

Management Accounting Quarterly – IMA’s refereed online journal that contains in-depth articles by and for academics and practitioners of accounting and financial management. Subjects covered include cost/management accounting techniques, statistical process controls, target costing, theory of constraints, new theories in finance and accounting, and much more.

IMA Excel 365: Tips in Ten – Keep up with the latest features of Excel with quick 10-minute tutorials from Mr. Excel.

Webinars On Demand – Access convenient packages of highly rated webinars on key management accounting topics: Webinars on Demand: TechnologyWebinars on Demand: Leadership; and Webinars on Demand: Leadership II.

Statement of Cash Flows Tutorial – Master creating a Statement of Cash Flows using easy step-by-step instructions for both the direct and indirect method of preparation.

Other Resources

IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series® – Enhance your knowledge of strategy and competitive analysis and improve your strategic partnering skills. Now available free for members through April 30.

NEW IMA Data Analytics & Visualization Fundamentals Certificate – Learn how emerging technologies are driving change across businesses and develop new skills in data analytics and visualization. Now available free for members through April 30.

CMA certification – Consider mentioning IMA’s CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) to students during class. Students can study for and take the CMA exam while still in school, and earning the certification can give them a competitive edge as they start their careers. Even if starting in public accounting, CMA or dual CPA/CMA certification shows a commitment to the profession and life-long learning. IMA offers CMA Scholarships for up to 10 students per university per academic year. Be sure your school takes full advantage of this program for your students.

IMA also offers the CMA Opportunity for IMA academic members to take the CMA exam at no cost. Now may be a great time for you to start your studies along with your students!

We know these are challenging times, but we hope these resources will help you and your students. Please contact Jodi Ryan, IMA director of member engagement, at with your ideas on other ways IMA can support you.