Over the years, CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) candidates have had numerous questions about various aspects of the program. Below, we tackle some of the most common ones. All of these answers can be found in the CMA Handbook: Your Guide to Information and Requirements for CMA Certification.

What kind of calculators are allowed?

Small battery or solar-powered electronic calculators restricted to a maximum of six functions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, and percentage – are allowed. The calculator must not be programmable and must not use any type of tape. Acceptable calculators include:

  • Texas Instruments’ BA II Plus
  • HP 10bII+, HP 12c, or HP 12c Platinum
  • HP 10BII is valid but no longer available for purchase

If a candidate’s calculator is not allowed at the testing center, then test site personnel can provide a calculator to the candidate, or the candidate can use the calculator application within the exam software (the latter also applies if a candidate’s calculator is not allowed for remote proctoring). 

What are the ID requirements?

A candidate must present proof of their identify to be permitted to take the CMA exam. The name on the ID must match exactly with the name of your authorization letter. Any changes must be made a least one week prior to a candidate’s first scheduled test appointment. Also, this name will be printed on your CMA certificate once all the requirements have been met. No changes can be made to your name once you have completed the exams.

The following are the only acceptable forms of valid identification:

  • Original, valid, signed, nonexpired government-issued passport. 


  • Two original forms of nonexpired identification, one with a photograph, both with your signature. See acceptable forms of ID below.


  • An original government-issued national country ID card with a photograph (with or without a signature) and another acceptable valid form of ID with a signature. 

Acceptable forms of ID:

  • Passport
  • U.S. passport card
  • Driver’s license
  • Military ID card
  • Credit card
  • Bank debit card with signature
  • ATM card with signature 
  • Company ID
  • Aadhar card (Candidates who present the Aadhar card must also present a valid form of ID with a signature in order to be admitted.)
  • PAN card

(Unacceptable forms of ID: student ID card or a social security card)

What is a performance report and when should I expect to receive it?

Performance reports are sent via email from Prometric to candidates who fail an exam part. These reports are mailed approximately 14 days after exam results are posted to the candidate’s profile. Performance reports show the candidate’s performance as satisfactory, marginal, or unsatisfactory for each of the key topic areas from the multiple-choice section of the exam as well as the overall performance on the essay section of the exam.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my exam?

Cancelling your appointment with Prometric does not generate a refund or an automatic approved test window change. It only allows you to have the possibility to reschedule the appointment for a different date in the same testing window.

You can cancel your appointment and reschedule it to another date within the same testing window if you cancel 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Prometric will charge you a fee if you cancel your exam within 30 days of the scheduled appointment date.

If you cancel your appointment with Prometric less than 72 hours prior to your appointment, you will forfeit your exam fees with ICMA and will need to purchase a new exam registration.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment online, please have your confirmation number ready and visit www.prometric.com/ICMA, available 24 hours/7 days a week. If you do not comply with the cancellation policy, you will be considered a “no show” and will need to reregister with ICMA and repay the examination fee.

For more information on the CMA exam, please see these CMA FAQs