CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) candidates make a serious investment in their future by deciding to pursue certification. That’s why it’s important to let others know about that commitment, especially employers.

Telling an employer that you’re pursuing certification carries one big advantage: It may help get an employer to support (all or in part) the cost of taking the exam. Notes Dennis Whitney, CMA, CAE, ICMA senior vice president, “Communicating about the value of the certification – especially to your organization – can go a long way in helping to influence an employer’s decision to provide financial support as you pursue the CMA.”

To help gain that support, candidates can download this customizable letter to send to a boss (or the person responsible for the organization’s training budget or tuition reimbursement). This letter can be adapted based on a candidate’s individual job circumstances.

In some cases, the letter will need to be followed up with an in-person meeting in order to clarify or expand on its content. Some common questions asked during such a meeting might include:

  • How is the CMA relevant to your job?
  • How will studying affect your daily work performance?
  • Are you planning on staying within the company once you earn your CMA?

“Be honest with your answers and do your homework,” says Whitney. “For the last question, you can emphasize how you plan to train your subordinates with your new knowledge. You can also propose an additional contract on the minimum number of years you need to stay after getting sponsorship of the exam. You can even promise to repay a certain portion of the amount the organization financed if you leave early.”

After becoming certified, candidates can also use several other resources that can help them communicate the value of the CMA to their employer. These include:

  • Request a “letter to my employer” – ICMA can send a letter directly to an employer confirming that you’re now a CMA.
  • Share a brochure that explains the benefits of the CMA certification with your HR department.
  • Hang your framed CMA certificate on your office wall.
  • Include “CMA” as part of your LinkedIn profile and include the CMA digital badge on that profile as well.
  • Invite your colleagues to learn more about the CMA through a live webinar

For more information, visit Promoting Your CMA on the IMA website.