Maintaining your CMA is easy.

Once you've earned the CMA certification, you can keep it in good standing by following these simple steps:

Pay the CMA Annual Fee

The fee covers active membership in IMA and the CMA Maintenance Fee. You’ll have access to IMA career resources, publications, research, and more.

Fulfill your annual CPE requirement.

IMA offers more than 500+ continuing education courses. You can find the courses and packages that are right for you.

Download the CPE Requirements and Rules

CPE Courses and Events

IMA offers hundreds of programs designed to meet the professional development needs of management accountants and financial professionals in business.

Inside Talk and IMA Leadership Academy Webinars


Free for IMA Members

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Programs & Events


Live Events and Conferences Hosted by IMA

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Education Center


IMA's Library of Online Self-Study Courses

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IMA Chapters and Councils


Career Resources

Here are two important tools to help you with your career.

Our exclusive career management tool that helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses against 28 management accounting competencies. You can map out your career path towards one of 40 management accounting roles.

Visit Our CareerDriver® Page

Job Portal
A quick and comprehensive way to see what jobs are available for management accountants.


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Promoting Your CMA

As a CMA, you worked hard to earn your certification, and you're committed to getting the best return on your investment. Enhance the value of your certification by promoting the CMA to your employer, your colleagues, and new graduates entering the profession.

Connect With Other CMAs

Maximize the value of your CMA by becoming a member of our virtual CMA communities.

Our worldwide CMA network allows you to access and exchange a variety of information - and industry best practices. Share experiences with other CMAs, collaborate to promote the certification within your organization, and gain insights about advancing your career.

LinkUp IMA

Our exclusive members-only network allows you to connect with more targeted audiences through hundreds of sub-groups, including chapters and councils, special committees, and study groups.


Local Chapters

Our worldwide network of over 300 chapters offer you a local peer network. Each chapter offers a range of professional education programs and leadership, mentoring, community service, and authorship opportunities.



With over 30,000 members in our LinkedIn group, this platform is ideal for posting relevant news, trends, or thoughts about management accounting.


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