ICMA® (Institute of Certified Management Accountants) wants members to know the following:

Upcoming Testing Windows

There are three CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) exam testing windows in 2020:

  • January/February 2020. The last day to register for this testing window is February 15; the last exam date is February 29.
  • May/June 2020. The last day to register for this testing window is June 15; the last exam date is June 30.
  • September/October 2020. The last day to register for this testing window is October 15; the last exam date is October 31.

The CMA exam changed on January 1, 2020, with the following new content:

  • Fifteen percent of Part 1 features a “Technology and Analytics” section. Part 1 is now titled “Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics” and includes content focusing on external financial reporting decisions, planning, budgeting and forecasting, performance and cost management, internal controls, and technology and analytics. 
  • The revisions to Part 2 include a greater emphasis on ethics and strategic decision making. Part 2 is now titled “Strategic Financial Management” and includes content on financial statement analysis, corporate finance, risk management, investment decisions, decision analysis, and ethics.

Please note: Candidates who did not finish both exam parts of the previous exam program by the end of December 2019 do not need to retake those parts passed. They also do not have to repay the CMA entrance fee. For more information, please visit CMA certification

If you are in the CMA program but have not yet registered to sit for an exam, be sure to sign up.

The myIMA Network Peer Community

Candidates are reminded that myIMA Network offers various peer-to-peer discussion groups where candidates can ask (and answer) questions about the CMA program and various other accounting-related topics. You can join groups such as “Ask the accounting community” and “CMA pop quiz.” Simply log in using your IMA member ID, visit www.mynetwork.imanet.org, and select the communities you wish you join. This is a free IMA member benefit.

Please note that IMA ethics policy governs the practices of these discussion forums. Therefore:

  • Candidates must not disclose exam questions on social media sites or in any other forum. 
  • Any reproduction, reuse, or distribution of CMA review course materials without prior written permission from the publisher is illegal and a material violation of IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, subject to legal action and immediate expulsion from the CMA program. 

For further information, please visit www.mynetwork.imanet.org.