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As an IMA Student member, you can learn about the role of accountants and financial managers in business and explore your career options. IMA offers Student members access to many of the benefits of regular Professional membership at a significantly reduced rate. To qualify for this membership type you must be enrolled in 6 or more credit hours at a college or university.



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The CMA Exam: Two Parts covering 11 Competencies

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  • Have What It Takes?


Are you eligible for the CMA Scholarship?

Did you know up to 10 students from your school can be nominated by faculty to receive the CMA Scholarship, which allows you to prepare and take the CMA exam at no cost?


The Future is Yours

Take charge of your success with the IMA Accounting Honor Society

The IMA Accounting Honor Society (IAHS) recognizes and honors academic achievement in the study of accounting and provides an opportunity for students to differentiate themselves as they begin their career journey.