This IMA whitepaper examines the global corporate reporting ecosystem, which involves multiple regulators, submission platforms, and data formats. The study shows a system with highly fragmented reporting, inefficient formatting, and non-actionable information output. Results support a call-to-action among finance and accounting professionals, supported by Jeff Thomson, President and CEO, IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), to establish more efficient best practices and modernize processes to create better efficiencies.

The paper classifies fragmentation at six levels:

  • Regdata process
  • Data types
  • Standards and supporting documents
  • Technical standards
  • Submission modes
  • Data definitions

It offers answers to key questions like:

  • Are regulatory authorities ready for the data revolution?
  • Is the accounting and finance professional ready for the data revolution?
  • Are standard setters and policy makers ready for the RegData revolution?
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