How can an organization ensure that its finance and accounting (F&A) staff has the essential skills? This report, based on a global survey of 1,032 IMA members, provides valuable insights regarding the impact of technological change on the finance function, the importance of training in the digital age, and how to build the business case for providing that training.

Key findings include:

  • F&A is being significantly impacted by changing technology, changing its roles and responsibilities;
  • It is important to involve F&A staff in the introduction of new technology, but most organizations’ staff are only “somewhat prepared” for such change;
  • Professional certification, followed by taking individual courses to develop specific skills, were considered to be the most effective in preparing employees for the changing business environment; and
  • The greater an organization’s emphasis on – and support of – professional certification, the more effective its F&A function is likely to be.


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