A key global business trend of the 21st century is the call for business to operate sustainably.  Successful integration of sustainable business practices requires CFO leadership and the ability of the finance function to partner with other corporate functions.

IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) has conducted fieldwork research and interviews with executives about sustainability issues to look at how the CFO and the finance function can serve as an effective business partner in facilitating integration of an organization’s sustainable business goals and activities, in a C-Suite report, “CFO as Value Creator, Finance Function Partnering for the Integration of Sustainability in Business.

A complementary white paper, “CFO as Value Creator: Finance Function Leadership in the Integrated Enterprise,” reflects interviews with corporate professionals about the roles and activities of finance and accounting in their organizations’ sustainable business and integrated enterprise activities. An overarching consensus is the need for proven, supported methodologies that demonstrate enhanced performance and added value."

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