Ep. 261: Timothy Wingate - Streamlining Construction Accounting

May 06, 2024 | 27 Minutes

In this captivating episode of the Count Me In Podcast, we sit down with Timothy Wingate, EA, the knowledgeable founder and president of G+F Business & Financial Consulting LLC. Wingate unravels the tangled web of communications within finance and back office teams, especially within the construction sector. He shares indispensable strategies for leveraging technology to improve these crucial interactions and ensures financial information remains both accessible and secure.

Hear how real-time project management and meticulous bookkeeping are game-changers for cash flow and project success. Wingate, with his expertise, also discusses the art of building trust with clients, fostering an environment of truth and growth. Whether you’re navigating the financial underpinnings of your company or looking to streamline communication, this episode offers a treasure trove of insights for business professionals eager to drive their organizations forward.