Ep. 258: Chris Papin - Ethical Decision-Making

April 15, 2024 | 32 Minutes

Join Adam Larson on Count Me In for a riveting session with Chris Papin, owner of Papin CPA, as we explore the ins and outs of being a trusted advisor in the ever-evolving business world. Chris, who also brings a wealth of knowledge from the legal and insurance sectors, shares his first-hand experience on building trust with clients and making ethical decisions during times of uncertainty, such as the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Listen in as Chris provides actionable advice for small business owners, breaks down complex financial decisions with ease, and discusses the importance of clear, forward-thinking strategies. From the ethics of managing COVID loans to why saying 'no' to clients can be just as important as saying 'yes,' this episode is packed with golden nuggets of wisdom for anyone looking to navigate the professional landscape with honesty and strategic savvy.