Strategic Finance to Publish Weekly, Digital-Only Content

Important changes are on the horizon for Strategic Finance magazine beginning with next month’s issue.

Starting July 1, Strategic Finance will publish content on a weekly basis, with selected features and articles released on every week. Members are encouraged to check the website regularly to view any newly released content and to ensure they don’t miss a thing. With this change, Strategic Finance will no longer be published as a print magazine or in a digital (digimag) format.

Strategic Finance will compile all the content published during each month into a downloadable and searchable PDF. This PDF will represent that month’s issue, which will be made available for members to download at the end of the month. 

The change follows the refresh to the website earlier this year, which provides an improved reader experience and streamlined organization. The new publishing schedule will enable the magazine to embed supplemental content and bonus materials directly into the magazine, something that wasn’t possible with the print format.

Strategic Finance will continue to develop special themed issues as well; the upcoming August 2023 issue, for example, is on accounting education.

SF Alerts: Be Sure to Subscribe!

Strategic Finance will continue to send out weekly SF Alerts via email: All members will receive the first SF Alert each month, notifying them that the first week’s content is now available online. The three other SF Alerts during the month will cover new columns and articles each week. Members will need to opt-in/subscribe to continue to receive these three other Alerts: Members who don’t subscribe won’t receive these three SF Alerts.

For questions about these changes, please contact IMA Member Services at