To help management accountants keep up with all things affecting the accounting and finance world, IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) recently introduced a podcast series, “Count Me In.”

The series features the latest perspectives on accounting and finance from industry experts, and covers topics such as emerging technologies, business innovation, and the future of the profession. The podcast, produced by IMA’s Education and Career Services, aims to deliver actionable information to accounting, finance, and business professionals.

“With the rapid changes we are seeing in the management accounting profession, we wanted to create a platform where professionals can easily receive information and act on it,” said Debbie Warner, CAE, CPLP, vice president, IMA Education and Career Services. “Our podcast is the perfect medium to deliver expertise to individuals as they are easily accessible and digestible in our 24/7 news culture.”

IMA has released seven episodes of “Count Me In” featuring various experts discussing timely topics, including:

  • Pierce Kohls, CMA, CPA, CFO at TENTE Canada Inc., discussing implementation of emerging technologies in accounting and finance
  • Sean Stein Smith, Ph.D., CMA, assistant professor of Lehman College, discussing blockchain and how it fits into the accounting profession
  • Andy Burrows, CEO and founder of Supercharged Finance and Finance Transformer, discussing strategic business innovation
  • Daniel Smith, head of innovation and founder of Theory Lane Integration Solutions, discussing opportunities created by data and technology for accounting and finance professionals
  • Ariel Markelevich, Ph.D., CMA, associate professor at Suffolk University, discussing why accountants should care about blockchain
  • Richard Starkey, managing partner of CronosNow, sharing his background and some of his personal experiences to explain why accounting and finance skills are so important to entrepreneurship and running a business
  • Mark Nickerson, lecturer at SUNY Fredonia, explaining what risks accounting and finance professionals need to be aware of when considering AI and what can be done in the future to prevent AI-related fraud

New episodes will be added on an ongoing basis with guests spanning multiple industries and disciplines. Members are encouraged to subscribe to receive updates about the latest podcasts as they are released – and are welcome to share the podcast with their nonmember friends and colleagues.

In addition, IMA members (and nonmembers, too) with a passion for accounting and finance are also encouraged to submit their podcast ideas to IMA welcomes ideas from members and is available to provide assistance, from helping to generate ideas to final production of the actual podcast.

“Count Me In” is available for listening and subscribing on iTunes, Spotify, RSS, Google Play, and on the IMA website. For more information, please visit IMA’s “Count Me In” page at

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