On Friday, October 6, IMA? (Institute of Management Accountants) President and CEO Jeff Thomson, CMA, CAE, hosted his first, ?Jeff?s Series for the Future? Facebook Live session. Thomson titled the inaugural session: ?Digital Revolution: Friend or Foe for the Accounting Profession.?

During the online event, Jeff offered thoughts on whether automation is a positive evolution of the profession or if robotics and cognitive computing will lead to massive job losses for accounting and finance professionals. Specifically, he suggested that professionals not waste time debating whether robots are coming. He plainly stated that they are already here and prevalent in many professions and industries, including transportation and retail. Further, automation has already replaced many of the routine tasks in accounting.

Instead of viewing robotics as a risk, Thomson emphasized that the digital evolution should be embraced as an opportunity for professionals to enhance competencies and develop new skills to become increasingly vital in a rapidly changing job market.

Throughout the live presentation, IMA members and Facebook friends were able to post questions and comments to Thomson which were answered throughout the day. Thomson also offered a few tips in the session to help professionals prepare for the future: http://bit.ly/2yuEQCu

Don?t miss the next Facebook Live session scheduled in mid-January 2018. If you haven?t done so already, be sure to get social with IMA! Information about upcoming ?Jeff?s Series for the Future? events will be posted on IMA?s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.