Upcoming CMA Review Courses; Congratulations, New CMAs and CSCAs!

The following courses are being offered to help candidates prepare for the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) exam:


Staan Academy – Amsterdam
CMA Part 1 and 2: starting 28 August 2023*
Registration: https://www.staan-academy.com/nl/opleidingen/cma/
*You can still apply for the STAP-budget for this course. Make sure to enroll in the CMA prior to your STAP-budget request, which you can cancel, free of charge, if you do not receive the STAP-budget. The next opportunity to apply for the STAP-budget began on 3 July and ends on 3 September.

Staan Academy is an IMA-approved review course provider in the Netherlands and boasts a nearly 90% pass rate for those who take the CMA exam. Through its Finance Academy, Staan offers small group classes, top instructors, and both virtual and in-person lessons. The upcoming 28 August 2023 session features three evening courses for each exam part, held from 18:00-21:30. Staan’s CMA review course is also available as a customized in-house program.

VU – Amsterdam
Dutch/English CMA Part 1: September 2023
Dutch/English CMA Part 2: January 2024
Registration: https://vu.nl/nl/onderwijs/professionals/cursussen-opleidingen/certified-management-accountant-cma/overzicht


CA Controller Akademie – Munich (Hybrid)
CMA Part 2: 11 – 13 September 2023
Registration: https://www.controllerakademie.de/en/seminar/cma/3-day-tutorial-part-2-english/


The ExP Group – London/Bristol (Hybrid)
CMA Part 1: End of July 2023
CMA Part 2: End of September 2023
Registration: https://www.theexpgroup.com/students/

BerkeleyME – Online
CMA Part 1 and 2: Ongoing online classes
Registration: https://edu.berkeleyme.com/course/cma/


Top Finance – Paris & Online
CMA Part 1 and 2: End of August 2023 and ongoing e-learning self-study
Registration: https://www.top-finance.net/fr/cma


CMA Part 1: 11 October 2023 – 29 November 2023
CMA Part 2: 12 October 2023 – 30 November 2023
Registration: https://www.ikaf.org/aplikimi-online/cma


CMA Turk
CMA Part 1 and 2: 11 November 2023
Registration: https://www.cmasertifikasi.com/


HOCK International
CMA Part 1 and 2: October 2023
Registration: https://kz.hockinternational.com/qualifications/cma/


BCertifiedPro – Online Live
CMA Part 1: 11 October 2023 – 29 November 2023
CMA Part 2: 12 October 2023 – 30 November 2023
Registration: https://bcertifiedpro.com/enroll/

Global International Management – Online & Live
No two students are the same. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning tool adapts to your individual strengths and weaknesses so that your learning is personalized. As professionals we highly support technology. In addition, we provide 1-on-1 academic support to ask questions and provide a personal response. There are no fix starting days and you can sign-up whenever you’re ready. 
Registration: https://gim.cpa/cma/


Congratulations to the following individuals who recently earned their CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification (as of June 20, 2023):

Hussam Alhemiedi
Ayse Arslan
Homam Atif Abbas Elhassan
Fabien Aubry
Jelle Baart
Mike Bakema
Anastasia Biryukova
Ramon Bisang
Sabriye Cullas
Marco D'Angelo
Johannes De Ridder
Jean-Luc Duong
Guven Duran
Aditya Dwiangga
Gizem Erten
Patrick Felgner
Marta Garcia Hernandez
Giorgia Gazza
Alain Hannewijk
Hanna Heinen
Mohamad Imus
Betül Irmak
Jaypal Jain
Mohamed Joudar
Corina Kerschner
Bobur Khodjaev
Andrej Knir
Georgios Koukis
Adam Krajewski
Mehtap Kurekci Korezlioglu
Alkan Kurt
Arlette Leeflang
Xintao Li
Fang Liu
Christopher Lummerich
Adrian Meciar
Ibrahim Mert
Pavel Micodin
Philippe Mouyong
Asmira Muharemagic
Yu Naganuma
Viktor Alexandros Nikolaidis
Gergana Novacheva
Raphael Patricot
Lea Pfrogner
Thi Hong Van Pham
Yue Ren
Carlota Rey Seijo
Misja Schenkel
Yulong Shao
Machiko Shimono
Ozge Simsek
Jaspal Singh
Vincent Snoek
Patrick Sroka
Danrong Su
Engin Topaloglu
Vasiliki Tzarachou
Reinet Van Der Wal
Luke Nicholas Vella Critien
Yuting Wang
Chia Chun Yang
Xi Yang
Fida Yang
Willem Zuijderduijn

Congratulations to the following individuals who recently earned their CSCA® (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis) certification (as of June 20, 2023):

Tien-Thanh Huynh
Bjorn Jonkergouw
Magdy Reda
Bram Rietveld
Xavier Van Acker
Timo Vermeulen