Even in the midst of the global pandemic, IMA Europe hosted several well-attended virtual events over the past few months, and even an in-person CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) training session in Austria:


IMA Europe conducted a very well-attended CMA tutorial for Part 1 of the exam in Vienna this fall. The course spanned 2.5 days and 20 hours and covered nearly all the core competencies of Part 1 of the exam, helping candidates prepare to take the exam in the January/February 2021 testing window. Attending candidates included those working for international organizations in the banking, manufacturing, IT, nonprofit, and consultancy sectors across Austria.

The course was taught by Brigitte de Graaff, CMA, an experienced CMA instructor, a Ph.D. candidate at VU Amsterdam, and a member of the IMA Global Board of Directors.  

Said Bernardin Generalao, IMA director, regional partner relations, “We were pleased to be able to conduct this tutorial in person, helping these candidates on their quest to become CMAs. The certification enables accounting and finance professionals to remain relevant and create value for their organizations, especially in these uncertain times. Earning the certification will expand these candidates’ horizons and open up new opportunities.”

Bernardin Generalao and Brigitte de Graaff
 Bernardin Generalao and Brigitte de Graaff.

The course was taught in compliance with all local regulations and recommendations with respect to COVID-19. Masks and sanitizers were available to all attendees and physical distancing measures were enforced.

Candidates will return for a course on Part 2 of the exam in late March 2021. Other IMA members in Europe who are interested in attending that Part 2 course should contact Bernardin Generalao at Bernardin.Generalao@imanet.org.

CMA Information Sessions

IMA Europe conducted several successful CMA information sessions this fall. During these virtual presentations, IMA experts and local course providers spoke about the certification and how it can help future-proof your career. Events were held in:

  • Moscow, Russia (with HOCK) on 15 September
  • Pristina, Kosovo (with IKAF) on 16 September
  • Athens, Greece (with Globaltraining) on 23 September 

Two more events are planned for later in the fall: 

  • Bucharest, Romania (with Globaltraining) on 6 October, 16:00 to 18:00 (to be held virtually)
  • Utrecht, Netherlands (with MVP) on 19 November, 15:00 to 18:00 (to be held in person)

For more information about these events or to register, please visit the IMA Europe website

CFO Insights Conference

In July, IMA Europe hosted a “CFO Insights Conference: The Road to Recovery” via Zoom, which was attended by members across Europe. Attendees earned up to 3 CPE credit hours.

The free virtual conference brought together influential decision makers from Europe and the U.S. who shared insights to help participants prepare their companies for the post-COVID-19 era. Other topics included diversity and inclusion, specifically why it is important to every company and can help drive a company’s bottom line, drive innovation, and attract top talent.

Featured speakers included Christian Cuzick, IMA Chair-Emeritus; Roopa Venkatesh and Derek Fuzzell, members of the IMA Global Board; and Dr. Alexander Fink, founder and member of the executive board of ScMI Scenario Management International AG.