AlainTo our IMA members in Europe:

Finance professionals need to adapt to the new era of technology and cope with the uncertainty of the current economic downturn. It is now more than ever the time to upskill. Therefore, IMA Europe recently launched a new and local CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) commercial that builds on our global message, "CMA: It makes all the difference." This new commercial shows the international recognition of the CMA here in Europe. And it touches on new skills we need for business partnering, sustainability, and technology. 

Our priority is to continue promoting your CMA certification and to inform other finance and accounting professionals about how the CMA can maximize their career potential and prepare them for the future of finance. 

If your colleagues are looking for a program to help them upskill or are interested in an in-house course for your team, please feel free to contact me or my IMA Europe colleagues. We have multiple excellent, convenient, and cost-efficient programs.

In Europe, we are now entering a period of uncertainty and a time when many current issues will start to come to an end. Brexit is evolving, and soon we will maybe hear if the European Union and the United Kingdom can close a deal. Also, we are seeing the first COVID-19 vaccines, which bring us hope that this crisis may, thankfully, come to an end in 2021. These and more developments will impact the economies in Europe and the organizations we work for. Therefore, it is good to know that we will release the IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) and ACCA Global Economics Conditions Survey (GECS) about the 2020 Q4 results in January. GECS is one of the most comprehensive surveys of its kind, both for its number of respondents and for the range of economic variables it monitors. It is a trusted source for gauging the global economy's overall performance, and it will help you gain more insights and prepare your organization. 

The year 2020 has almost come to an end, and I believe that is a relief for all of us. Let 2021 be the year of rebuilding economies and organizations and the time we will meet again finally in person. As long as needed, we will continue virtual events. Still, you can trust that the IMA Europe team is making preparations already for onsite events to happen as soon as it is safe again, offering you the opportunity to network with fellow IMA members in person.  

I wish you and your families holidays filled with fun and laughter and my very best wishes for a prosperous 2021!