BlantonThe finance function never stands still. New regulations, technologies, and best practices are constantly rendering old ways of doing things obsolete. Digitization and automation enable accounting processes to be completed rapidly and automatically. Recruiting and retaining finance professionals who can leverage data to improve the bottom line, integrate new technologies into operations, and make key financial decisions is crucial. 

Lisa Blanton, a CMA® (Certified Management Accountant), has worked for manufacturers and utilities for more than 25 years and recognizes the importance of not only understanding the current technological and regulatory environment, but being willing to stay current with a life-long commitment to learning. Earning certifications, maintaining them through continuing professional education year after year, and pursuing advanced degrees are all ways to demonstrate that commitment.

“When I review candidates for hire, I look for that desire to grow and learn. A résumé with certifications, like the CMA, tells me this individual has a curiosity and willingness to maintain their level of professionalism with continued study,” she explains.

Lisa looks for teammates who will be able to drive change and process improvements while keeping a focus on the basics of running a profitable and compliant company. “With rapid digitization and automation, it is easy to overlook the accounting embedded in the process. When I see ‘CMA’ on a résumé, I know this individual understands the importance of the basics as well as the complexities of the digital and regulatory accounting environment.”

Lisa knows that the role of the management accountant is to drive for efficiencies and process improvements, while staying focused on accurate reporting and compliance. “Sometimes you have to step back from a high volume, complex process and ask what do we really need to accomplish here?” Lisa appreciates teammates who can filter through all the noise and focus on key objectives.

As companies face the pressures of adapting to a world driven by analytics, decisions must be made faster than ever before. Finance managers like Lisa – the associate director of shared services at Carrier world headquarters – appreciate the demonstrated commitment of a CMA.

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