It was back in person for the highly anticipated annual meetings of the American Accounting Association (AAA) and Beta Alphi Psi (BAP) this summer. Both meetings provided opportunities for IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) staff and volunteer leaders to meet educators and students from hundreds of educational institutions.

American Accounting Association

The 2022 AAA Annual Meeting was held in San Diego on August 1-3, with pre-conference workshops and a Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) held on July 30-31. The annual meeting focused on the theme of “Growing Our Impact” and attracted attendees from educational institutions from around the world. 

IMA was represented as one of the key exhibitors, and staff leaders had the opportunity to meet with attendees to discuss the many resources and opportunities that IMA makes available for educators.

Pictured below, for example, is Loreal Jiles, IMA vice president of research and thought leadership.


In addition, as part of the CTLA, educators Wendy M. Tietz, Tracie Miller, and Jennifer M. Cainas led a concurrent session on July 30 on the topic of teaching data analytics in introductory accounting courses (Tietz and Miller repeated this session on July 31). All three professors also were recognized at the CTLA with the Bea Sanders/AICPA Teaching Innovation Award for their work in this area. 

(Note: Tietz, Miller, and Cainas will cover this topic during their September 16 Faculty Friday webinar. To attend, please register here.)

Beta Alpha Psi

The BAP Annual Meeting was held on July 28-31 in Orlando. Under the theme “Creating What Is Possible,” the gathering provided opportunities for students to network, learn, and compete. IMA presented a session on “Take Charge of Your Professional Development,” sponsored the Business Informational Professional of the Year awards, and served as an exhibitor at this meeting. 

“Both of these meetings offered a great opportunity to connect with leading educators and students from around the world,” said Jodi Ryan, CAE, IMA director of member engagement. “It was especially enjoyable to meet again in person after being virtual for two years. By participating in these important events, we had numerous interactions with educators about how IMA can support their teaching and research efforts. We also spoke with many students about our CMA Scholarship program and the awards and competitions we have available to help jumpstart their careers and develop their leadership and technical skills.”

She continued, “We also were able to distribute copies of the latest New Accountant magazine, which features 10 articles and gives a great overview of the benefits of CMA certification, tips for students as they begin their careers, resources for educators and students, and other information.”

Visit the IMA website to learn more about IMA’s Resources for Academics