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It’s time to thrive in this era of continual change. As accounting and finance continues to advance into uncertain, unknown territory, it’s essential for teams to adapt, innovate, and continuously improve. If you’re an accounting student about to enter the full-time workforce, it’s especially important to be aware of the challenges—and opportunities—that lie ahead. 

Accounting and finance professionals do so much more than just handle money matters—they’re also critical for creating strategy and driving process improvements across their entire organization. But as they strive to drive these improvements, they can find themselves inundated with changing regulatory requirements, an increasing volume of data, and competing priorities. 

At the same time, accounting and finance teams are often spending a majority of their day manually reconciling accounts and matching transactions. This is not what they’d envisioned doing when they pursued an accounting career, and it leaves little time left for bigger-picture, strategic work. 

Ever wonder how top-notch accountants are addressing these challenges?

Exceptional accountants find ways to be more productive with fewer resources and less overtime, while improving the quality of their work. Common practices include taking ownership and challenging the status quo. 

BlackLine wrote an interactive ebook that dives into the seven habits of highly exceptional accountants. Those habits are:

  1. Get organized
  2. Take control
  3. Document important tasks
  4. Pursue a continuous improvement mindset
  5. Hold yourself and others accountable
  6. Question the status quo
  7. Automate manual processes when possible

Accounting and finance students and academics can learn about the real-world dilemmas facing accounting practitioners and how finance and accounting teams can overcome these challenges. At any stage in their career, accountants can adopt these seven key habits to ensure they maximize their training, education, and skills, and provide strategic guidance to the business.   

To learn more about these seven habits and how to incorporate them into your role as an accounting and finance professional, please download the 7 Habits ebook.