IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) and the Management Accounting Section (MAS) of the American Accounting Association recently hosted its Third Annual Teaching Case Conference. Held at the University of Toledo College of Business & Innovation on October 19-20, the conference attracted respected educators from as far as Australia, who gathered to exchange best practices and research ideas.

The program began with a panel led by IMA Educational Case Journal (IECJ®) Editorial Board members Jason Porter, Margaret Shackell, and Kip Krumwiede. Next on the agenda was a “Shark Tank” session, which gave four case authors just 10 minutes each to try to “sell” their case to the attendees. That session was followed by a role-play demonstration of the classic case on Berkshire Toys, led by Shane Dikolli of the University of Virginia.

The afternoon sessions featured four case presentations:

  • “Allo Resto,” by Fabienne Miller, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • “Lucro Island: Strategic Budgeting,” by Gillian Vestry, RMIT University; Albie Brooks, University of Melbourne; and Michael Taouk of YML Pty Ltd.

  • “United Bank,” by Anne Sergeant, Grand Valley State University

  • “Azure Lodging,” by James Hesford, University of Calgary

The conference closed with the “Viz-a-Thon Accounting Analytics Exercise,” which challenged attendees to create a report quickly using Tableau.  

The Best Case of the Conference Award went to “Lucro Island,” which is based on a digital gamified simulation where students test their strategic budgeting skills against other players for a suite of hotels on a resort island. In order to succeed and win the challenge, students are required to make strategic choices regarding the hotels’ design, branding, pricing, and costing.

“We had a great line up of cases to discuss, thanks to the efforts of the educators who offered their work for discussion. Of special note to all attendees was the power of role playing with cases, which can provide a great learning experience for students. We hope that all attendees came away inspired and motivated to use cases in their classrooms,” said Krumwiede.

New IECJ Associate Editors

IMA is also pleased to announce that IECJ has added two associate editors:

Laurie L. Burney, Ph.D., is an associate professor of accounting at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Laurie has been recognized with various awards, including IMA's R. Lee Brummet Award and the Lean Enterprise Institute's Excellence in Lean Accounting Professor Award. She is the editor for Advances in Management Accounting and has regularly reviewed for IECJ as well as other journals.


Margaret Shackell, Ph.D., teaches analytics, auditing, governmental, and managerial accounting at Ithaca College in Ithaca, N.Y. Margaret serves on the Editorial Advisory and Review Board for Issues in Accounting Education and has regularly reviewed for the AAA Management Accounting Section as well as other journals and conferences.

For more information about the MAS/IMA Teaching Case Conference, please visit Inquiries about specific cases can be directed to Kip Krumwiede, Ph.D., CMA, CSCA, CPA, IMA director of research, at