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Success Stories

I come from a very humble upbringing; both my parents were blue-collar workers. IMA has been my professional family, and it’s really helped me develop into the leader that I am for Cummins.

- Virginia D. White, CMA
Corporate Purchasing Finance Director, Cummins

I’ve met some of my best friends through IMA, and I’m still in contact with them 20 years later…. When I’m looking for a job, I’ve been able to reach out to the network to seek assistance, guidance, and counsel: ‘Do you know people in this organization? Can you assist me here? Can you give me a reference?’

- Irvin Andre Alexander, III, CMA, CFM, CPA
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, WGBH

I think it’s important to meet people in different industries and organizations. So for me, IMA gives me that bridge outside my organization, and I can bring different ideas from the outside in, which I think is important as well.

- Jeremy Vryhof, CMA
Integrated Business Planning Manager, Stryker

My favorite part is the continuing education because it’s always good to learn something—maybe a new approach to something I’ve always known or a new concept that just emerged in the last few years.

- Patrick Wilson, CMA
Accountant, MGM Resorts International

Strategic Finance is a wonderful publication. Every month, there’s some article that’s spot-on to what I’m dealing with in my work with clients. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, I had to do an ethics presentation, and I actually used an SEC whistleblower article from Strategic Finance. It’s a great tool.

- Kim R. Wallin, CMA, CFM, CPA
Former Nevada State Controller