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100 drivers of change for the global accountancy profession

In this study – drafted in partnership with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) – professionals working in and close to the accountancy profession identify 100 drivers of change shaping the landscape for businesses and professional accountants over the next decade.

“100 drivers of change for the global accountancy profession” thoroughly examines the key factors that ACCA and IMA members should be thinking about to prepare for future opportunities and challenges over the next 5–10 years. In so doing, it identifies 100 emerging drivers of change that directly or indirectly impact business and the accountancy profession

Key Insights
  • With uncertainty as the new normal, businesses have to factor in turbulence as a very real possibility and develop strategies for a range of different economic and market scenarios.
  • As businesses adapt to a turbulent environment, opportunities are emerging for accountants to assume a far greater organizational role. The potential exists to leverage the capabilities of the accountant across all aspects of corporate decision-making, from strategy formulation through to defining new business models.
  • The profession needs to be seen to be addressing clear public concerns. There is a perception that  it could do more to highlight and prevent everything from small scale financial irregularities through to the major systemic failures that helped cause the GFC and ensuing economic uncertainty.
  • The diverse range of demands and impacts on the profession is forcing a rethink of everything from training and development through to the type of people being recruited. Characteristics such as entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, creativity and strategic thinking skills could assume far more significance in the selection of tomorrow’s accountants.

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