Featured SMAs

  • Strategic Risk Management: Optimizing the Risk/Return Profile

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    The top priority for companies of the future should be managing strategic risk. Strategy drives the overall direction of a company, but with great responsibility comes a great risk of failure. That risk, which is at the forefront of risk management, can take many forms, including bad ideation or execution, changing markets...Read More
  • Behavioral Aspects of Cost Management

    This Statement on Management Accounting (SMA) focuses on the importance of organizational culture in developing a climate for effective cost management and builds on existing research on the importance of culture in effective financial control. Ultimately costs are controlled by line managers and individuals who make effective day-to-day decisions...Read More

  • Developing Competitive Intelligence Capability

    Racing DriverThis SMA will help management accountants and others understand how competitive intelligence relates to the organization’s goals, strategies, and objectives Explain the benefits of implementing a CI process Understand the steps required to implement an effective CI program Understand the fundamental frameworks...Read More

  • Task Force Report on the Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing

    The objective of managerial costing is to provide a monetary reflection of the utilization of business resources and related cause-and-effect insights into past, present, or future enterprise economic activities. Managerial costing aids managers in their analysis and decision making and supports optimizing the achievement...Read More