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Summer 2017


By Robert Lee, Ph.D., CPA, and Anthony P. Curatola, Ph.D.

Several high-profile companies recently have stretched the limit of pro forma earnings and possibly provided some misleading information in their SEC filings. Because of this, the authors examined how pro forma earnings information within earnings announcements impacts the investment judgments of nonprofessional investors. See what they found.

By Dr. Alexander Herzfeldt, Dr. Volker Tritschler, Markus Dieterle, and Dr. Christoffer M. Seubert

Synergies are the core of every merger and acquisition deal, and the obvious goal is to improve the performance of the combined companies and create value for shareholders. Based on insights from successful integration projects conducted by one of Europe’s largest engineering companies, the authors offer some practical suggestions on how to make this happen.

By Anne-Marie Lelkes, Ph.D., CPA

Throughout the years, many researchers have developed various costing methods for companies to use, such as activity-based costing (ABC), time-driven ABC (TDABC), and resource consumption accounting (RCA). Now there is Duration-Based Costing (DBC), which the author created as a simpler costing model that is based on time but does not make the practitioner gather data on all activities.