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Winter 2015

MAQ Winter 2015 Cover


By Stephen Gates, Ph.D., and Christophe Germain, Ph.D.
It’s time for companies to widen their focus on budgeting and financial controls and for management controllers to take a more proactive role in designing Management Control Systems (MCS) that complement each other. Then tools such as budgets and the balanced scorecard can help define, measure, and manage company strategy.
By John A. Ruddy, CPA, CFA, and Murli Rajan, Ph.D., CFA
Over the next few years, the performance of trust-preferred (TruP) collateralized debt obligation (CDO) securities can have broad implications for accounting and financial professionals. Using scenario analysis, the authors explain how to calculate their value and forecast their performance.
By Sudhir K. Chawla, Ph.D.; Zafar U. Khan, Ph.D., CMA; Robert E. Jackson, Ph.D.; and Arnton W. Gray III
Accounting students need to be able to develop the ability to determine what it means to act ethically in a variety of workplace situations so they will be ethical in their jobs. Accounting educators and corporate professionals say stand-alone ethics courses are the best way for students to learn.