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Spring 2015

MAQ Spring 2015 Cover


By Kristine Brands, CMA, DM, and Mark Holtzblatt, CPA, Ph.D.
As they move beyond traditional, transaction-based accounting to analytics, management accountants will add significant value to their companies. They will be able to transform how they present, manage, and consume data and information for decision making, which translates into enhanced insight and competitive advantage for their companies.
By Stephanie Farewell, Ph.D., and Robert Pinsker, Ph.D.
What do individual investors know about XBRL and XBRL-tagged data? How do individual investors perceive CPA assurance on XBRL instance documents? Does that assurance lessen perceived investment risk? The authors conducted a study to find out.
By Glen L. Gray, Ph.D., CPA, and Michael Alles, Ph.D.
As management accountants know, this is the era of Big Data. Those who want to move into more strategic, future-facing roles in their organizations must go beyond traditional accounting data and use expanded data sources and advanced data analytics. The authors call this strategy data fracking.