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Spring 2014

MAQ Cover Spring 2014


By Dutch Fayard, Ph.D.; Lorraine S. Lee, Ph.D.; Robert A. Leitch, Ph.D.; and William J. Kettinger, Ph.D.
Interorganizational cost management (IOCM) is a process in which a company works with its partners to smooth its supply chain. Companies choose to participate in this joint cost management practice to achieve greater cost efficiencies, product and service innovation, and greater market share. The authors conducted a survey to explore how companies implement these processes and the benefits the companies see from it.
By James Tadewald, CMA, CFM, CIA
Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) frameworks can be used to unify an organization’s information across sectors and industries to manage risk, improve performance, reduce complexity, diminish inconsistencies, and harness technology. But implementing a new initiative is not always easy. The author created a simple model you can use to present a new initiative to stakeholders and guide your company’s GRC efforts.
By Donald Saxon, JD
The current Medicare funding gap continues to widen. Because of the strain on Medicare, the portion of healthcare it covers will decrease within the next few years, making it harder for retirees to pay their medical bills. The author suggests a new plan that would transfer the value of unused vacation and sick days into an employee health savings account (HSA) that could help close the gap.