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Fall 2008

MAQ Fall 2008 Cover


By Audrey Taylor, Ph.D.; Julie Lockhart, CMA, CPA; Olin Eugene Myers, Ph.D.; Seth Vidaña; Ira Simon; Chris Kenney; Isabelle DeLise; Ben Packard; and Brendan Lind
Here is the story of how Western Washington University students, professors, administrators, and a key service provider used target mapping to implement sustainable practices in food purchasing and waste management and meet everyone’s financial expectations.
By Karen Shastri, Ph.D., CPA, and David E. Stout, Ph.D.
A survey of senior accounting and finance managers examines the budgeting process at for-profit companies, including the usefulness and perceived value of the process, users’ satisfaction with it, and a variety of impediments and challenges to budgeting.
By Elbert de With and Aagtje Dijkman
Although most people criticize the traditional budgeting process, Dutch CFOs say they are very satisfied with their budgeting practices, according to this survey of companies listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. One of the reasons is that they take uncertainty into account by using revised forecasts.
By Kip Krumwiede, Ph.D., CMA, CPA, and Prof. Dr. Augustin Suessmair
This survey of the cost management systems used by companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria shows that use of GPK works best when it is combined with a strong, highly integrated information system and used with complementary costing practices.
By Laurie L. Burney, Ph.D., CMA, and Michele Matherly, Ph.D., CMA, CPA
How can accounting educators help their students acquire leadership skills? The authors describe a technique for integrating practical leadership experience into the accounting curriculum in which students participate in complex group projects as part of their regular cost accounting course.