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Summer 2005

MAQ Summer 2005 Cover


By Jay Holmen, Ph.D., CMA, CFM, CPA
Tools for reporting an organization’s intellectual capital are emerging. They help users develop and execute business strategy, evaluate mergers and acquisitions, guide compensation plans, and convey a company’s worth to stakeholders more accurately.
By Clement C. Chen, Ph.D., CPA, and Keith T. Jones, Ph.D., CPA
A survey of MBA students looks at the environment and readiness of companies that employ stretch targets and highlights several key factors that need to exist for successful implementation.
By C. Michele Matherly, Ph.D.; Laurie B. McWhorter, Ph.D., CMA; and Desereé M. Frizzell
A survey of members of IMA’s Controllers Council suggests that Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance encourages tactical decision making but often at the expense of long-term or strategic thinking.
By A. Craig Keller
Management accountants and financial managers can use one of their favorite tools to allocate service department costs.
By Harper A. Roehm, CPA, DBA; Larry Weinstein, Ph.D.; and Joseph F. Castellano, Ph.D.
When used properly, statistical process control (SPC) can help companies measure how well their processes are working and figure out how to motivate employees to achieve desired targets.