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Summer 2001

MAQ Summer 2001 Cover


By Roger C. Graham, Jr., CPA, Ph.D., and Gerald R. Chrobuck, CPA
Here are some guidelines for government contractors to follow so they can plan and improve their billing and collection processes.
By Lawrence A. Gordon, Ph.D., and Martin P. Loeb, Ph.D.
It is particularly important for Internet-based companies to view the customer as a primary cost objective for purposes of allocating direct and indirect costs.
By Brett J. Long, J.D., LL.M., CPA, and Brian L. McGuire, CMA, CPA, Ph.D.
Too many professors are comfortable with the traditional way to structure accounting programs and are resisting change. But they need to change in order to attract new students to the profession and to serve their constituencies.
By Richard E. Rhoad and Ken Milani, CPA, Ph.D.
Now that capitated contracts and global payments are the norm, independent medical practices need to understand their revenue sources and business costs so they can use financial information strategically instead of adhering to traditional financial accounting.
By James E. Williamson, CPA, Ph.D.
When they want to build new plants using environmentally friendly technology, utilities need to take current federal, state, and local tax laws into account when doing cost comparisons.