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Spring 2001

MAQ Spring 2001 Cover


By Mike Thomas, Ph.D.
The window-making department of this home manufacturer discovered that only four accounting numbers are relevant in deciding to transfer, and the transfer price is not one of them!
By Ronald C. Kettering, CMA, CPA, DBA
To improve product or service quality, even small companies can take nonfinancial, no-cost measures that will improve their performance and increase customer satisfaction.
By William F. Bowlin, CGFM, Ph.D.
Students at the University of Northern Iowa get hands-on experience in analyzing budgeting issues and product costs at actual companies and then reporting their results, thereby improving both their analytic and communications skills.
By Valaria P. Vendrzyk, CPA, Ph.D., Rumy Sen, and Tarun K. Sen, Ph.D.
This survey of IT professionals reinforces the conclusion that both IT techies and management accountants—because of their unique view of risk assessment and control issues—should be involved in the establishment of a data warehouse.
By Liliana Hickman-Riggs, CMA, CPA, and William A. Riggs, Jr., CPA
The euro presents many challenges, not only for those accountants in Euroland countries but also for those in the U.S. and other nations who must contend with currency and other translation and reporting issues.