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IMA’s book publishing line offers trade, reference, and textbooks to management accounting audiences from around the profession and academia. Our books cover cutting-edge research in industry best practices, business case studies, financial trends, and guidance on advancing your career as well as your company. Whether you’re looking for on-the-job applications or enhancements to your curriculum, we invite you to discover your next resource at our online bookstore, hosted by Gilmore.

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Curt Verschoor On Ethics

Timely Columns from Strategic Finance Magazine

“Curt Verschoor On Ethics” provides management accounting and finance professionals with real-world, proven insights on key business ethics topics, and serves as a guide to improve professional judgment, model ethical behavior, and assist with ensuring integrity and ethical decision-making in business. Edited by Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Ph.D., CMA, CPA, the book covers a variety of business ethics topics.

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Management Accounting - An Integrative Approach

Preparing Students for the Real World

IMA’s first published textbook, “Management Accounting – An Integrative Approach” provides an integrative framework of all major management accounting concepts. It is a shift in management accounting education – away from a random combination of tools and techniques, to a decision-oriented framework that incorporates the profession’s best practices.

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Management Accounting Case Book:

Cases from the IMA Educational Case Journal

Perfect for the classroom or corporate training, Management Accounting Case Book is ideal for academics and professionals looking to foster the education of current or aspiring management accountants. IMA editors hand-pick the best, most illustrative industry cases for their accurate grasp of the latest business environment.

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Advancing Innovation

Galvanizing, Enabling, and Measuring for Innovation Value

As markets grow increasingly unpredictable and value propositions evolve, innovation isn’t just a buzzword with a hashtag; it’s a lifeline for any business that wants to sustain its value. Discover how to implement and measure original initiatives in your organization with the unique Innovation Value Score.

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Succeeding at Business in Southeast Asia

Common Mistakes Companies Make and How to Avoid Them

In this debut book, Eric Moraczewski, Founder of FDI Strategies, aims to turn readers into informed strategists who are less likely to go down the wrong path while growing businesses overseas. Through incisive cross-cultural insights, compelling anecdotes, and seasoned advice as a business strategist in China, Moraczewski provides a framework for building and executing a market entry strategy into Southeast Asia.

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The Master Guide to Controllers’ Best Practices

Second Edition

The Master Guide to Controllers’ Best Practices, 2nd edition, provides management accountants with a crucial 360° view of essential skills for navigating changing business landscapes, featuring research, best practices, case studies, and helpful tips from controllers and financial professionals.

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