In the business reality of today, ethical performance has increased in importance for most organizations, for example:

  • The individual behavior of any employee can make or break an organization's reputation.
  • Globalization increases the potential for locally accepted behaviors to clash with the organizational values and ethical standards. 

This report discusses:
  • Issues driving the increased attention to ethical conduct and how they impact risk management and internal controls.
  • Steps required to clarify, define, and develop organizational values and to create codes of ethical conduct.
  • How to realize a culture where commitment to ethical values becomes the day-to-day operational expectation. 

Key Insights:

Financial professionals and management accountants must be prepared to:

  • Acquire a behavioral understanding of their human capital.
  • Develop the organization’s behavioral values.
  • Integrate ethical thinking into the core aspects of business process management.
  • Operationalize a culture of ethics.
  • Continuously monitor and improve ethical compliance.
  • Lead by example.

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