A 2014 survey of IMA members investigates the use and perceptions of the technology to support accounting systems.
It attempts to answer questions such as:

  • What are the common technologies employed by organizations to support their accounting activities?
  • What are the trends toward the adoption of new technology to support accounting activities?
  • How satisfied are accounting professionals with their accounting systems?
  • Why might organizations resist the introduction of new accounting technology? Are these concerns warranted?

Key Insights:
  • The use of multi-tiered, client-server applications installed on their own servers is the most commonly used accounting system.
  • Adoption of cloud technology is increasing, and those using shared cloud technology are the most likely to report that they are happy with their accounting system.
  • Shared cloud architecture and stand-alone (desktop) accounting systems rank highest for ease of use, for provision of data, and are the least dependent on IT.
  • For most of those who have moved to cloud architecture, concerns that they originally had about upgrading turned out to be unfounded.
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