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Montvale, N.J., January 21, 2016 – ICMA® (Institute of Certified Management Accountants), the certification division of IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), today announced the winners of its most recent CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) medals, recognizing the achievement of individuals in both its English and Chinese-language programs.

Of the 4,728 individuals who took the CMA exam in English during the September/October 2015 testing period, medals were awarded to the following for their exceptional performance:

- Jamaica J. Marjadas, of Cebu City, Philippines, received the ICMA Gold Medal for achieving the highest exam score.
- Shaun Anthony Tiu Go, of Cebu City, Philippines, received the ICMA Silver Medal for achieving the second-highest exam score.
William R. Bacsa, of Pagbilao City, Philippines, received the ICMA Bronze Medal for achieving the third-highest exam score.

For the English exam during this testing period, ICMA also awarded Certificates of Distinguished Performance to the following: Alec Epkes, of Moline, Ill.; Brock Johnston, of Toronto, Canada; Qianhua Ling, of Brookfield, Wis.; Hanyu Liu, of Hunan, China; Alexander Weaver, of Cordova, Tenn.; and Yingnan Yu, of Affton, Mo. In addition, Yi Wang, of Jiangsu, China, received the Priscilla S. Payne Student Performance Award for achieving the highest score as a student during this testing period.

“ICMA congratulates these award recipients for their exemplary achievement,” said Samuel C. Weaver, Ph.D., CMA, CFM, ICMA Board of Regents chair. “This group of recipients once again demonstrates the CMA program’s expanding geographic reach and the increasing global penetration of our certification, particularly in the Pacific Rim. By becoming CMAs, these individuals have taken an important step towards improving their career outlook and contributing to the success of their respective organizations.” 

Of the 3,049 individuals who took the CMA exam in Simplified Chinese during the August 2015 testing period, ICMA recognized the following for their outstanding performance:

- Zhichao Gao, of Henan, received the ICMA Gold Medal for achieving the highest exam score. 
- Jinxin Ji, of Jiangsu, received the ICMA Silver Medal for achieving the second-highest exam score.
- Chuhan  Feng, of Jiangsu, and Jia Yi, of Beijing, both received the ICMA Bronze Medal for achieving the third-highest exam score.

In addition, ICMA recognized the following individuals with Certificates of Distinguished Performance: Yujie Li, of Jiangsu; Xuxian Wan, of Zhejiang; Jianxin Wang, of Beijing; and Lingling Xu, of Jiangsu. 

Said Dr. Weaver, “As these medals help to demonstrate, our CMA certification is widely recognized as the leading management accounting credential in the world – and certainly the only one prominent in both of the world’s two largest economies, the U.S. and China. Our program in China continues to attract a large and growing number of accounting and financial professionals at state-owned enterprises as well as other organizations. These individuals are eager to enhance their capabilities in the key areas of decision support, planning, and control, and to do their part to help strengthen the Chinese economy.”

For more information about the CMA program, please visit the IMA website at www.imanet.org/certification.asp.

About IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants)

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