Ep. 263: Howard Chang - Mastering the Comeback

May 20, 2024 | 30 Minutes

Join us for a compelling episode of the Count Me In Podcast, where our host Adam Larson welcomes Howard Chang, CEO of Just Meeting Rooms and a beacon of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. In this open-hearted discussion, Howard recounts his rollercoaster journey through personal and professional upheavals, including bankruptcy at 29 and overcoming cancer. Learn about Howard’s approach to redefining failure, leveraging lessons from sports for business success, and the pivotal role of resilience in his comeback story. We’ll explore how Howard transformed challenges into opportunities with innovative ventures like Just Meeting Rooms. His insights on managing risk, embracing imperfections, and the power of authenticity will inspire anyone navigating their own hurdles. Don’t miss this episode where wisdom and motivation meet real-life triumphs and trials.