Ep. 257: Ellen Class and Janis Parthun - The Efficient Path to a One-Day Financial Close

April 08, 2024 | 32 Minutes

In this exciting episode of Count Me In, host Adam Larson chats with two Vice Presidents at RGP, Ellen Class and Janis Parthun. RGP is a global consulting firm known for catalyzing swift business outcomes through transformative change. They share insider tips on transforming your financial close process from a marathon to a sprint and discuss the power of cutting-edge technology to streamline your operations.

Ellen Class will captivate you with her first-hand experience on enhancing efficiency and revealing the aftereffects, such as boosting work-life balance. Then, Janis Parthun, a maestro of project execution, layers in her expertise on leadership and strategy to paint a full picture of finance transformation.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your department or just fine-tune it, this episode of Count Me In is brimming with high-impact strategies from RPG's top minds to recharge your financial operations. Tune in for a session full of actionable advice that could set your company on a course for success.