BONUS | Embracing AI: Insights for International Management Accounting Day

May 07, 2024 | 12 Minutes

Celebrate International Management Accounting Day with a special episode of the Count Me In Podcast, featuring an enlightening discussion between two esteemed guests: Travis Willard, Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation at IMA, and Susie Duong, Director of Research at IMA, bringing unique perspectives on the integration of AI into accounting and finance.

As they exchange insights on how artificial intelligence is reshaping the landscape of talent retention and career development, listeners will uncover cutting-edge strategies to stay ahead in an ever-evolving field. This episode is a perfect salute to the day that honors the significance of management accounting, providing actionable intelligence for professionals eager to navigate an AI-driven business environment. Tune in for an engaging conversation that marks International Management Accounting Day with forward-thinking dialogue and expert analysis on the Count Me In Podcast.