Sharpen Your Analytical, Strategic, and Reporting Skills at IMA23

IMA’s Accounting & Finance Conference (IMA23) will offer opportunities for practitioners at every level to hone their accounting and finance skills. The conference will be held in person on June 11-14, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis and there’s still plenty of time to make your plans to attend. Visit to learn more and to register.

Check out these informative and inspiring sessions:

The Forces Shaping the Enterprise of the Future: The conference kicks off with a general session by strategic futurist Nancy Giordano, who’ll explain how it isn’t easy to let go of the playbook we’re all used to, yet the future demands we let go of outdated “best practices” and instead, learn to sense and respond in real time. Why? Simply put, there are several very big shifts happening simultaneously that are reshaping business and society that will require equally big shifts in how we respond, especially if we intend to remain relevant in the years ahead.

Introduction to Data Analytics and Microsoft Power BI (special two-part workshop): This exciting session will offer a hands-on introduction to Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence tool that has been developed with Excel users in mind. Learn how to extract, clean, restructure, and integrate data as well as enhance data sets with information needed for decision making. Participants also will learn how to build powerful interactive reports with little effort and apply data analytics in an accounting context.

Financial Reporting at a Crossroads: Update and Perspectives on New Rules and Trends: Hear from a panel of experts, including the chief accounting officer at UPS, who will provide an update on recently issued rules by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and a broader consideration of where financial reporting is headed. 

The Future of Finance—Road Map, Transformation, Trends, and Framework: Join Jennifer Kirk, global controller and chief accounting officer at Medtronic, as she discusses finance transformation and strategic initiatives that can change the way the corporate finance function manages strategy, process internal controls, and financial reporting. She’ll cover how to align the finance strategy to the business, prioritize high-value services, and manage expectations. She’ll also describe how the road map to transformation includes how to think about setting strategy; targets; eliminating low-value services while enhancing or adding high-value ones; and much more.

ESG and Sustainability: Global Trends and Opportunity for Management Accountants: Featuring panelists from the IASB, a former FASB chair, and a director of ESG reporting at Whirlpool Corporation, this session will offer a high-level overview of international standards for integrated reporting and decision making. Next, hear a panel discussion on what this means for accountants and finance professionals in business, and the opportunities and challenges that come with these accelerating trends.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge of these critical topics—and make lasting connections, too. To learn more about the conference, please visit IMA23.