IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) offers an array of complimentary continuing education courses that can help members fulfill their educational needs. That’s especially important at this time of the year, as the deadline for earning CPE by the end of the year is approaching soon. Remember: All CMA-certified members need to earn 30 hours of CPE annually,* including two hours on the topic of ethics, to maintain their certification status.

Many organizations offer continuing professional education products, but IMA believes those offered through the association are unique. Said Deborah Warner, CAE, CPTD, vice president, IMA Education and Career Services, “Unlike other options in the market, IMA’s educational products are designed specifically for the IMA member—that is, a finance and accounting professional working in business. Our learning opportunities provide the education, knowledge, and skills our members need to stay current and help them become more successful in their careers.”

Topics and courses include:

Professional Ethics & Values

Members have unlimited complimentary access to all IMA ethics courses.


Technology & Analytics

  • Cybersecurity Risk & Mitigation – Management accountants can gain insights into their roles in managing risk and mitigation through the implementation of best practices regarding risk assessment, oversight, communication, governance, and compliance.
  • IMA Excel 365: Tips in Ten – Each of the 10-minute nano-courses included in this package introduces participants to new features, tools, formulas, and artificial intelligence recently made available to Excel 365 users. (30+ courses)

Reporting & Control

  • Sustainability and Value Creation – Based on the IMA paper "Finance Function Partnering for the Integration of Sustainability in Business," this course provides insights into value creation through the integration of a sustainable business model.
  • U.S. GAAP vs. IFRS: Nonfinancial Assets – This course analyzes and explores the major differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS when accounting for nonfinancial assets specifically. Silvia Mahutova, IFRS expert and founder of, presents a three-part video series focusing on property, plant, and equipment (PPE), intangible assets, and the impairment of assets.

Business Acumen & Operations

  • Agile & Scrum Series – Learn how finance teams can embrace agility and leverage modern project management approaches to expedite and streamline finance processes with this two-course series on Agile & Scrum.
  • Count Me In for CPE – Hear the latest perspectives and insights on management accounting topics, as told by industry experts, in only 10-20 minutes. (25+ courses)

Strategy, Planning & Performance

Visit the IMA Education Center to learn more about these and other IMA continuing education offerings.

*The CPE requirement for members who passed both parts of the CMA exam in 2021 starts on January 1, 2022. These members can carry over all CPE credits earned from the date they passed the second exam into 2022.