CalebAnother voice has been added to the experiences of members described on IMA’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) webpage. Caleb Yan, CMA, a new member of IMA’s Global Board of Directors, shares his experiences under “Real Life Stories,” found at the bottom of the webpage. Caleb serves as managing director, head of retail banking and private bank finance, Hong Kong and Greater China North Asia region, at Standard Chartered Bank. 

“We’re pleased to share Caleb’s story with members, as he has extensive experience with diversity, having been born in Hong Kong and lived in many parts of the world, including Vancouver, New York, and London,” said Linda Devonish-Mills, CMA, CPA, CAE, IMA director of diversity and inclusion. “Caleb’s story helps to showcase the rich, diverse experience of our global membership.”  

“Real Life Stories” features profiles of members sharing their background, interests, and personal journeys in both life and work. The first profile to be featured, in honor of pride month in June, was Derek Fuzzell, CMA, CSCA, CPA, a member of the IMA Global Board of Directors and current chair of IMA’s D&I Committee.  

Other new profiles of members will be added on a regular basis. 

“We hope that reading these profiles will help our members learn from each other and deepen their understanding of the variety of our individual experiences. Especially during the challenging times of the past year, it’s also more important than ever that we appreciate and value our differences and, at the same time, celebrate the things that unite us,” Devonish-Mills added. 

IMA created its Diversity & Inclusion webpage in September 2019 as part of its ongoing commitment to the principles and practices of diversity and inclusion. The page describes IMA’s position and commitment to D&I, IMA’s D&I origin story and global reach, and resources for IMA members and professionals, students, faculty members, volunteers, and partners. The page is the result of a collaborative effort between volunteers on IMA's D&I Committee and IMA staff. 

The D&I webpage also features a Trends section, which highlights news stories that discuss or impact the practice of D&I, and a Diversity & Inclusion Jump-Start Kit, a free resource to help individuals and businesses incorporate inclusivity and diversity into their organizations. Created by IMA’s D&I Committee and supported by IMA staff, the nine-page toolkit features best practices and a continuum to assess a company’s current efforts in D&I; key questions to ask before embarking on a D&I initiative; rules of engagement for D&I initiatives; and KPIs and metrics that can be used to measure D&I efforts.