IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) continues to provide members with resources to enhance their learning and career development.

Members can check out some of the following recently released resources: 

Free through June 30:

NEW: Blockchain 101 by IMA – This new gamified e-learning course (the first of its kind from IMA) is designed to help members develop a foundational level of knowledge in the area of blockchain technology. The course focuses on the different types of blockchains and their various elements most relevant to management accountants. Participants get to choose an avatar and start progressing through a blockchain complex, tracking progress with a "knowledge blockchain.” Earn 1 NASBA CPE credit. Check out this video to learn more.

IMA Data Analytics & Visualization Fundamentals Certificate – Learn how emerging technologies are driving change across businesses and develop new skills in data analytics and visualization. Earn an IMA professional certificate, a digital badge, and 9 NASBA CPE credits. Watch this video to learn more about this certificate.

IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series® – This series of five engaging online courses and a practice question bank is aligned to the content of the CSCA® (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis) certification. Earn up to 21 NASBA CPE credits.

Free Anytime:

NEW: Communicating in the 21st Century – In this Digital Age, communication has changed greatly – updated communication skills are necessary to stay competitive. This course examines some of the basics of communication and shows how technology has changed the way we communicate. It also will explore how communication enhances leadership. Earn 1 NASBA CPE credit.

NEW: Webinars On Demand: Strategic Management – This new online course package features some of IMA’s highly rated strategic management webinars. The package includes four presentations: (1) Creating Breakthrough Innovation; (2) How to Accelerate Results with Effective Performance Measurement; (3) Leadership Driven Strategy: For High-Performance Teams; and (4) The Clunky Dance Between Strategy and Risk. Earn up to 4 ICMA CPE credits.

NEW: Webinars On Demand: Technology II – The second offering in this popular series, this self-study package includes three webinars on the topic of technology: (1) Applying Data Ethics Principles of AI Across the Organization; (2) The Power of Fully Connected Finance Technologies; and (3) Tech Trek – A Journey Through the Latest Tech Trends. Earn up to 4 ICMA CPE credits.

Webinars On Demand: Leadership II – This second Leadership package in IMA’s Webinars On Demand series features three IMA Leadership Academy presentations: (1) Global Leadership; (2) Financial Leadership; and (3) Leading in the Digital Age. Earn up to 4.5 ICMA CPE credits. 

In addition, IMA is offering 20% off select CPE subscription packages with code IMASTRONG through June 30: These include IMA Knowledge Exchange, IMA Advantage, and IMA Knowledge Exchange-Advantage Combo.

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