IMA?s ?myCMA? series spotlights valued members of the CMA? (Certified Management Accountant) community. Learn about their journey with the certification?and get tips on advancing your own. This issue?s featured CMA is:

Ryan Buckingham? ?Name:? Ryan Buckingham, CMA
?Company:? EyeMed Vision Care (a division of Luxottica)
?Title:? Manager, Business Intelligence
?Location:? Cincinnati, Ohio


  1. How did you first come across the CMA and what made you decide to go for it?

    I was initially introduced to the CMA in a management accounting class in college. My professor was a CMA and he encouraged his students to pursue it.

    Later in my career, I went back for my MBA at the University of Dayton. I also took on a pricing role through which I met a CMA whose knowledge and approach I respected very much. I thumbed through his Gleim prep books and realized that I was more familiar with the material than I had realized, and that it was pretty relevant to me personally. My manager at the time graciously agreed to fund my study materials and exam fees, so I decided I was ready to give it a shot.

  2. In what ways do you think the CMA has impacted (or will impact) your professional journey?

    Only as my business maturity increased did I understand the importance of core finance and accounting skills as critical pieces to the overall puzzle of business management and strategy.

    In my own experience, I found that key concepts core to the CMA body of knowledge provided critical context to decisions being made all around me. There were constantly situations in which having new and refreshed knowledge allowed me to look at my company?s business through yet another lens. This, in turn, increased my confidence and flexibility. It also demonstrated that I was knowledgeable on topics related to financial planning, analysis, and decision making, even though those specific roles were not listed on my r?sum?.

  3. What is your proudest career moment or milestone as a CMA?

    My proudest milestone as a CMA was finding out that I had passed my second exam. I had studied for hours and hours leading up to both exams, so there was a lot at stake. To find out that I had passed was a proud moment, and it provided immediate relief to the waiting, wondering, and worrying.

  4. For those taking the exam, what study tip(s) can you share?

    Pick a reputable prep course and study often in the order the material is presented. Hone in on the areas where you are the weakest so you can prioritize those in your study efforts. As painful as it might be, the questions you keep getting wrong are the ones that require the most attention and rework. By exam day, you want this stuff flowing as smoothly and naturally as possible because you don?t have that much time to answer any given question.

  5. If you could have one superpower in the world, what would it be?

    I would love to speak every language in the world. I started my language education in third grade and had a strong aptitude for it. At Muskingum University, I ended up majoring in international business, economics, and French ? and I minored in political science, history, and German. My career ultimately leaned toward business, but I still love languages and think it would be neat to know them all!

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