IMA’s “myCMA” series spotlights valued members of the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) community. Learn about their journey with the certification—and get tips on advancing your own. This issue’s featured CMA is:

Giuseppe Venezia   Name:  Giuseppe Venezia, CMA
 Company:  Essity
 Title:  Americas Business Controller - Sourcing
 Location:  Milan, Italy; Philadelphia, Penn.


  1. How did you first come across the CMA and what made you decide to go for it?

    While working on an international assignment as treasury manager in the U.S., I became fascinated by the world of controllership in complex manufacturing environments. Understanding “how things are made,” getting to the bottom of the numbers that roll up in an income statement, and providing valuable insights to business leaders just fit my inquisitive personality and my ambition to become a business partner.

    As I transitioned from pure Treasury and Finance into controllership, the CMA seemed to provide the foundational “tools of the trade” to increase both on-the-job effectiveness and the chance of success in my new career path.

  2. In what ways do you think the CMA has impacted (or will impact) your professional journey?

    Having earned the CMA about 15 years into my career, I believe the certification acknowledges learning as a continuous process, complementing and boosting the professional experience in a virtuous circle. Holding the CMA has increased my competence, confidence, and credibility, equipping me with a wide body of knowledge to build upon in various business settings and industries.

    My aim is to be like a “Swiss Army knife” for the organization I serve: your “go-to guy,” your “one-stop-shop” to address finance and accounting matters with a value-creation mindset. The CMA’s continuing education requirements and various networking opportunities will make sure each of the blades stays sharp.

  3. What's your proudest career moment or milestone as a CMA?

    When I was notified of my certification accomplishment, it certainly was a proud “I earned it” moment. It was the culmination of many months of time carved out between work and heavy business traveling, juggling family time, and personal commitments.

    As my family and friends were aware of my CMA undertaking (something that had caused my absence at quite a few social events), I let everybody know of the positive outcome of my efforts—thanking them for their support and patience throughout the journey. I was also able to share the achievement with my MBA cohort during a residency weekend, so we went to celebrate together at a popular joint in Philadelphia.

    The CMA is a stepping stone in my career path, where pride and accomplishments will be measured by the difference I’ll make in the path of my stakeholders.

  4. What’s the best piece of advice you would give to CMA hopefuls?

    Competence builds confidence. Pursuing the CMA is something you do for yourself, first, and then your career can keep building on it. It’s intended to be a rigorous test, and that’s what makes it the gold standard in managerial accounting.

  5. For those taking the exam, what study tip(s) can you share?

    Get a solid study plan to break down the massive amount of material and consistently stick to it. Preparing for the exam is exactly like preparing for a marathon: You need discipline and consistency over an extended time—it’s not a sprint!

    The length and intensity of the exam do not allow for shortcuts in your learning process. You need both study time and multiple-choice practice to truly assimilate the material.

  6. If you could have one superpower in the world, what would it be?

    I wish I could travel through time: Can you imagine going back to the Roman Empire, learning more about the Maya civilization, then zooming through the Roaring Twenties, and finally flashing forward to 2217? We could learn so much by witnessing how the “future” was imagined and built based on the beliefs and technical knowledge of each historical stage. Of course, traveling through time in a 1981 DeLorean would be cool too.

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