What’s the best way to attract, hire, and keep top talent?

That’s what the professionals at Insperity, one of IMA’s affinity partners, spend their time thinking about. Insperity offers a range of human resources and business solutions to help managers become more systematic and strategic about the role that people play in the success of a company.

In the September issue of Strategic Finance, Insperity performance expert Jill Chapman will offer insights on how finding and keeping good people is essential to keeping a business going and growing. Read her article to learn more about how to:

  • Attract best-fit candidates with a clear message about what they can expect from your organization. That means regularly updating company information on your website, owning your message on job-seeker sites, and conducting a benefits check-up.
  • Get people talking about your employment opportunities: Host a hiring happy hour or sponsor an employee referral program, for example.
  • Take the boredom out of onboarding – make sure you spend sufficient time getting your new hires up to speed in a friendly, efficient way. And get the process started before they even join your team!
  • Keep people on your staff for the long haul with frequent check-ins and “stay interviews.”

Says Chapman, “The employee-employer relationship, like any relationship, requires conscious effort and upkeep. You can’t just leave it to chance. Finding and keeping the best employees takes careful planning and ongoing effort. The bottom line is that engaged employees are less likely to leave. If you skimp on any of the steps above, employees and candidates will likely lose interest and check out.”

Member Benefit

For IMA members, Insperity provides exclusive tools and resources designed to help members align their HR efforts with financial systems. Benefits to IMA members include:

  • Guidance to understand the human and financial impact of employee turnover
  • Ability to discover the true payroll burden of every employee
  • Access to local Insperity business performance advisors
  • Special pricing on select Business Performance Solutions
  • Long-term cost containment
  • Forecasting certainty

For more information on IMA’s affinity relationship with Insperity and the services available to IMA members, please visit Insperity.com/ima.