IMA Europe Chapter Roundtable: Inspiring Volunteers!


IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) recently hosted its first-ever gathering of the association’s chapter leaders in Europe at an IMA Europe Chapter Roundtable. The day-long meeting, held in Amsterdam on 23 November, brought together leaders from the U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Kazakhstan, and Poland chapters, as well as IMA Europe staff and IMA Global Board Chair-Emeritus Gwen van Berne. For many, it was the opportunity to meet each other for the first time, and the goal was to help empower members and volunteers to engage in more contributions on behalf of IMA.

Pictured below are the participants (from l. to r., approximately): Karl Ivo Sokolov, President, IMA Austria Chapter; Rob Mars, RAC Committee Member; Eva Erbschwendtner, Director and Regional Coordinator, IMA Germany Chapter; Bernardin Generalao, Director, Regional Partner Relations, IMA; Francesco Aldo De Luca, President, IMA Italy Chapter; Kamelia El Helou, President, IMA Poland Chapter; Bianca Dorcioaia, Marketing Manager, IMA; Ekaterina Emelianova, President, IMA Switzerland Chapter; Moataz Gad, President, IMA U.K. Chapter; Alain Mulder, Managing Director, IMA; Grėtė Buivydaitė-Siffels, Relationship Development Manager, IMA; and Botagoz Kamerdenova, President, IMA Kazakhstan Chapter.

IMA Europe chapter leaders at the IMA Europe Chapter Roundtable


Discussions during the meeting revolved around the profession's current state and the pivotal role IMA plays in accelerating and maximizing the career opportunities of our members in Europe. Additionally, attendees delved into strategies further to amplify IMA's influence and growth across the European continent.

During workshop sessions, attendees focused on enhancing collaboration among chapters, aiming to fortify our network. As a facilitator of these discussions, IMA Europe and Central Asia lead Alain Mulder reaffirmed the network’s immense value to IMA members: “IMA is not merely an organizational membership; it's an entrance into a global community of finance professionals spanning various industries and career stages.”

Continued Mulder, “IMA’s network of 140K finance professionals is an invaluable resource, aiding in career development and providing a platform for sharing insights and expertise for ongoing projects. At IMA, our unwavering dedication lies in extending the growth narrative we've observed in Europe in previous years and pushing its acceleration. Our primary focus remains to empower our members and maximize their career paths.

“I extend heartfelt gratitude to all the chapter leaders for their dedication in traveling to Amsterdam and for generously sharing their invaluable insights. The day was truly enriching, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the fruition of our collective plans!”

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